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A remake of the classic Windows FreeCell game version. ( Free Cell )

The classic FreeCell game . Unique about this game is that you play the old levels of the original classic Windows Freecell. The level numbers in this game correspond with the level numbers of the original Freecell game for Windows. Remove all the cards to the top right cells to win .

Game instructions:
A standard deck of 52 playing cards is used. - There are four free cells and four foundation spaces. - The cards are dealt into eight piles , four of which hold seven cards and four hold six . - The first card of each stack begins a pile . - The stacks must be built down in alternating colors. - Movements: - Any card may be moved to build or moved to an empty cell, or a foundation stack. - Full or partial series can be moved to build new series or can be moved to an empty space. Build complete stacks by moving cards through intermediate points. The game is won after all cards are removed .
Free Cell Control Scheme:

fire : left mouse
movement: mouse